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Electronic Direct Mail(EDM): Auto-responders

Posted By Prithwisha Panja, 02 September 2023.

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What is an Electronic Direct Mail (EDM)?

Electronic Direct Mail (EDM) refers to the practice of sending promotional or informational messages directly to a group of recipients through email. It is a digital marketing strategy that involves sending emails to a targeted audience with the goal of promoting products, services, events, or sharing other relevant content. EDM campaigns are often used to build customer relationships, increase brand awareness, drive sales, and communicate important information. These emails are typically designed to be visually appealing and engaging to capture the recipient's attention and encourage them to take a desired action. It is basically a customer-centric marketing. Since there are numerous interactions in EDM, hence auto responders are used to make life bit easier for the concerned team.

An auto-responder email is an automated email message that is sent in response to an incoming email or a specific trigger, such as a subscription request or an out-of-office notification. It is often used to acknowledge receipt of the email, provide more information, or let the sender know that the recipient is currently unavailable. auto-responder emails are commonly used for customer support, lead generation, and managing email communication during periods of absence of the concerned person.

Benefits of EDM Marketing Campaigns


How to create an effective EDM marketing campaign?

  • Start with the customer’s data.
  • Once the data is collected and based on your customer behavioural traits, identify the segments you need to build. These should then be funnelled into your core demographic audience groups based on age, gender, interest, or location.
  • Personalization of data depends highly on customer-generated data. A thorough understanding of the customer’s interest and source will enable the organisation to personalize the customer interactions.
  • Be sure to implement tracking before sending an email. Without UTM codes and tracking pixels, the organization cannot monitor the success of their EDM marketing and improve performance over time.
  • Although EDM is an enhanced concept, the campaigns here are created using the various email marketing software itself.

Why we prefer EDM over email marketing?

The advantage that EDM Marketing provides, over email marketing, is that it can be a flexible and powerful multi-channel campaign involving both online and offline channels.

The number of emails in use currently signifies that almost everyone has an email ID to send and receive emails and enables them to access other digital platforms to interact with people and businesses. Email is already versatile in personalising the content based on user behaviour. In the case of EDM marketing, the target customers have access to more touchpoints in addition to email and that provides them with an additional set of insights that they can use to further segment and personalise your subscriber list, to offer much more personalisation. When we are utilising multiple online and offline channels to deliver the message about a product, service, or seasonal sale; it is going to be noticed by a lot of eyes. With the use of EDM marketing, we can reach those loyal subscribers in other channels like social media and even offline channels like TV, Billboards, and print media. Additionally, with EDM we are going to make use of retargeting campaigns, to ensure that our message reaches our audience at the right time. So, the chances of a higher conversion rate in EDM marketing are more likely. The essence of EDM marketing is to use as many channels as possible to deliver the message of our campaign. Though traditional email marketing is still the topper when it comes to return on investment but in EDM marketing we combine all the benefits of multiple channels, to get a hefty return on investment.

Katalyst Consultancy Benefits


Total Cost

We help you rationalize the invisible cost

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  • Maintenance: Appropriate amount of maintenance should be factored in which can be progressively reduced as skill level grows within the team.
  • Training: New tools require training for all stake holders who are going to get affected directly or indirectly by the new application.
  • Implementation: Implementation should be staggered following a CI/CD philosophy as oppose to a big bang change.
  • Hardware: New generation applications efficiency and productivity relies on new generation hardware too. Not upgrading underlying hardware across the application echo system might adversely effect gains from adopting new application.