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Apps for hospitality: A use case

Posted By Tuhin Chakraborty, On 30 Sept 2022.

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The hotel in stay mobile app contributes to the new paradigm driven by technology in hospitality industry. Advancements in technology is helping the industry today to deliver the next generation customer services experience to its patrons. This is quickly growing into a role of the bedrock on which modern services are offered for delivering and differentiating business from competition in the industry.

Modern travellers demands personalised experiences and exceptional guest satisfaction which a hospitality app can help deliver. The sooner hospitality industries adopt these technologies, they can not only get positive reviews from staying guest, they go to the top the list for the guest as it can provide excellent satisfaction based on personalised experiences. This in turn, reflect in better revenue realisation for the concerned hotels.

Hotel apps helps hotels to expand their services and revenue while enhancing guest loyalty. Use your app to create opportunities for hotels to upsell services through spa, in-room dining, other activities. Hotels can promote customised and personalised offers, services for individual guest for events, and experiences which are important to them sent directly to the guest devices.

You can gather valuable data about guest preferences and choices which can help to suggest meaningful choices to them for activities and experiences of their choice. Use in house guest data and provide special offers to them to build greater satisfaction and enhanced brand loyalty.

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Mobile app allow guest to have full control over their in-stay experience. Modern travellers, are able to use their mobile devices to access their room controls (i.e room lights), they can adjust their room temperature, they can access in room TV. Guests are increasingly looking for check-in without any long que. So hotels can implement mobile check-in features on their mobile apps, allowing guests to go to their room directly without any waiting at front desk. Hotel mobile app enables guests to access your special services directly from their room, right from their mobile devices.

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WHAT Modern travelers demand

Modern Travel Demand

Knowing your guests is foundational requirement to deliver next generation of customer experience

Common Features

No download or installation required. Guests can access hotel contents fast and easily from any of their devices by simply tapping on a URL or scanning a QR Code.

  • Multiple layouts:- Choose Template for Home, Icons, Logos, Custom Fonts.
  • Live Request:- Housekeeping, Laundry, Amenities and any Issues.
  • Booking System:- Spa, Restaurants, In-Room Dinning.
  • Mobile Room Key:- Mobile Check-in, Mobile Check-out.
  • Multiple Language options: Minimum 7 Languages.
  • Feedback:- Real Time Feedback before check-out.

Common pricing model

Pricing Model Mobile

Why Choose KCS

We provide an array of solutions to help our customers improve processes, productivity and security by aligning outcomes to business objectives. We deliver technical expertise and digital solutions to our customers and we offers services on special pricing and businesses globally.

We are introducing OPUS to help you deliver next generation of customer service to your guests. It is a hassle-free solution which can be rolled out in less than a week, at the same time it is a low maintenance app. Wow your customer using our platform, make them feel empowered, make them control their experience while delighting them by exceeding their expectations.

About OPUS

As a hotel guest, controlling your entire hotel experience from the palm of your hand with your Smart Mobile phone. Opus allows hotel guests to reserve their room, order room service, request conference room, gym and spa reservations, schedule wake-up calls and operate room appliances from the convenience of his or her smart phone through the usage of a QR Code located in the room. The days of making multiple telephone calls and waiting for a timely response are over. Opus simplifies the entire guest/hotelier experience and allows guests to focus on their enjoyment and relaxation.Opus is easy to install, integrates with PMS/POS interfaces, gives full control of data analytics and is voice enabled for a rich guest experience.

Advantages of Opus

Opus gives digital experience solution, a cross-sell and up-sell featured system. Opus helps pro-actively manage facilities, resources and guest complaints and it's also easy to install and many more features.

OPUS APP Features

  • A digital guest experience
  • Easy to install
  • A cross -sell and up -sell opportunity
  • Give Full Control on Data Analysis
  • Speed up the services
  • In room dining Request
  • Optimizing the team work
  • Laundry services
  • Get closer to guest
  • Mobile room key
  • Real time feedback
  • Manage facilities, Resources, Guest's complaints, Inventory.
  • A most affordable and easy to onboard system

Some apps we research

  • Duve from (Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel)
  • Intelity from (Orlando, United States)
  • Stay from (Madrid, Spain)
  • Runtriz from ( Los Angeles, United States)
  • crave interactive (Cranfield, United Kingdom)