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CRM for small medium businesses

Posted By Tuhin Chakraborty, On 28 Oct 2022.

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What Is CRM? And where it is come from

CRM is stand for “Customer Relationship Management” and it is a software systems that helps for process or strategy for better business and organize and access customer data. CRM collect all the data from sales lead and customer all in one place.

It's all started from the hand written notes rolodex in 1950s and than it introduced database stored on computers in 1980s after some improve sale force automation was created in 1993.The world's first mobile CRM solution introduced by the Siebel company on late 1990s.

Invention of the term CRM in 1995 after that the cloud based CRM was introduce in 2007 and then CRM came with Social and Artificial Intelligence.

How CRM help Small and Medium Business

  • CRM help for better team collaboration.
  • It can help sales team to maximize their selling time and speed up the sale process.
  • It allows sales team to manage leads, Accounts, Report and Streamline for complete view of the sales timeline.
  • It helps to improve Productivity
  • It helps to tracking Emails.
  • It helps to Sharing Document.
  • It helps Sales person through Mobile CRM to track customer data and customer account from anywhere and response quickly.

Types of CRM

Types of CRM

Some Core, Common and Optional features of CRM

Core CRM Features

1. Contact Management- It allows users to segment yours contact into groups to organize. It allows personalize of all contacts with customer to making them feel important.

2. Lead Management- It allow to manage the process of converting prospect into customers by scoring, moving and identifying leads through with sales team.

3. Interaction Tracking- It is a process of gathering information about customers interactions against all levels within a business. Its not only track customers Product or services but also keep maintain the future prospects that how they interact with sales organization.

Common CRM Features

4. Document Management- It allow to collect, store, share and upload all documents in a centralized location for making easier for everyone to access the information.

5. Email Integration- It allow users to access their email into CRM like all incoming emails are automatically registered and give information of current and future customers in one place.

6. Quotes Management- It helps to create quotes and send to the relevant customers.

7. Pipeline Management- It allow you to track your sales pipeline and you can also see at what stage the customer is currently, so you can identify the week points and take a forecast on a revenue and also check the performance of sales team.

8. Workflow Automation- It helps to automate the process like data collection, data analysis and other tasks and it also provide report to help user to identify the problems area and improve them.

9. Mobile CRM- It help to access customer information and Data from any place or from any where if you are not available in office also.

Optional CRM Features

10. Reporting CRM - It helps to track how many leads come into a specific time and how many sale generate within a specific time, which sale person closed how many leads in specific time and how many number of outbound call made in certain time.

11. Sale Forecasting CRM - It help Sales team to Plan, Manage, Monitor and predict the future growth of sales as well as performance of the sale team.

What are the difference between Open Source CRM and Commercial CRM

Difference Between

Some CRM available in market

  • Vtiger CRM
  • Monday.com sales CRM
  • Pipedrive CRM
  • Zendesk CRM
  • Bitrix24 CRM
  • Nutshell CRM
  • HubSpot CRM
  • Sage CRM
  • Insightly CRM
  • Salesforce CRM

What are the benefits of On-premises CRM or Cloud CRM Offering

Pricing Model Mobile

About the Vtiger (CRM)

Due to its beautiful design and wealth of functionality, Vtiger CRM is the most often used CRM for small and medium-sized businesses worldwide. It assists small and medium-sized businesses with automation in a number of areas, including management, marketing, help desk, and sales.The new dimension of vTiger CRM features an open-source design that enables users to customise and exert their own control. With its technology, vTiger can manage reports, campaigns, information databases, case studies, lead management, inventory management, and other tasks. Users of the vTiger will have access to the standard set of CRM features, including customer care, support, and sales automation

Attractive Features from Vtiger

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  • Customization: 80 -20 rule. On average to achieve a good fit 20 % of customization is required when acquiring new applications.
  • IT Personal: Internal team buy in is extremely important while acquiring a new application. Without that chances are the project would fail.
  • Maintenance: Appropriate amount of maintenance should be factored in which can be progressively reduced as skill level grows within the team.
  • Training: New tools require training for all stake holders who are going to get affected directly or indirectly by the new application.
  • Implementation: Implementation should be staggered following a CI/CD philosophy as oppose to a big bang change.
  • Hardware: New generation applications efficiency and productivity relies on new generation hardware too. Not upgrading underlying hardware across the application echo system might adversely effect gains from adopting new application.